MountainWest is a team of experienced environmental and plannning professionals based in central and western Colorado. With backgrounds from federal land management agencies, we've been in the private sector since 2000, providing clients with land use and environmental planning, permitting and analysis services. We primarily support NEPA, Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act permitting and compliance for clients in the transportation, energy, recreation and land development sectors. Our services also include robust support for land use analysis, suitability modeling, visual impact and simulation development, ecological (wildlife and vegetation) assessments, and reclamation consulting services.


Combined with our strong commitment to client service, our skills have enabled our team to successfully manage projects, achieve permitting goals, maintain project compliance and enable our clients to implement numerous challenging projects within the complex regulatory environment across the western United States.


Our guiding purpose is to to help our clients achieve their goals through the best available science, whether those goals are the development of natural resources, construction of responsible housing, or the creation of an outstanding recreational experience. Our advice and guidance is based on our extensive regulatory knowledge and scientific expertise, and we work with clients closely to maximize cost efficiencies, regulatory compliance, and risk reduction.






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We assist clients in solving complex environmental resource issues & navigating challenging regulatory environments.


MountainWest thrives on complex projects with detailed goals and difficult regulatory challenges. Our goal is to leverage our 27 years in the environmental management sector to provide creative and effective solutions for projects in the energy sector.  We incorporate spatial data analysis, scientific knowledge, and regulatory guidance to keep projects moving forward while maintaining environmental responsibility. We understand that the West is a treasured landscape, but it is a working landscape. Our projects strive to honor the biological and cultural assets while allowing development to occur in responsible ways.

Site Planning

Infrastructure Siting Optimization Constraints & Critical Impacts Analysis

Mitigation Planning

Reclamation Plans

Stormwater Plans

Construction Management Plans


The best and most successful projects put design and function above all other considerations. Permitting is the task of allowing the best possible project to take shape within the requirements of Local, State, and Federal regulatory agencies, rather than allowing permitting requirements to drive the project design and settling for second-best outcomes. At MountainWest, we achieve this through an early assessment of permitting needs for all projects, and by pairing our local resource knowledge and positive agency relationships to achieve rapid and efficient permit submittals.  We can help objectively review project proposals and identify strategies to avoid delays and unanticipated requirements. We always recommend an evaluation of permitting requirements at the earliest possible stage in the project planning process.


Clean Water Act

Endangered Species Act

Bald & Golden Eagle Protection Act

Wind Energy Guidelines

Eagle Conservation Plans

Biological Resource Surveys & Permitting


At MountainWest, we understand that time lost is money lost, and that environmental compliance difficulties can derail budgets and timelines if not handled well. We use the latest in technology (including cloud-based GIS systems and electronic data reporting) to streamline our compliance response to the greatest extent possible. We can visit a site to collect data, then upload the data directly from the field site for analysis and presentation to clients and regulators. Traditional data gathering techniques often require 48 hours for the generation of spill reports or similar examples. Using our techniques, such products can be generated in only a few hours once the site has been evaluated. Regulators appreciate fast, responsive action, and at MountainWest we can provide that for your needs.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance

Endangered Species Act (ESA) Compliance

Migratory Bird Treaty Act Compliance

Golden & Bald Eagle Protection Act

Stormwater Permitting & Reporting

Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control (SPCC) plans & compliance


Biological and environmental compliance issues have resulted in increasingly stringent local, state and federal regulations designed to conserve and protect our natural resources. This has created the need for proactive and innovative approaches to land planning, permitting, and compliance. MountainWest provides objective, professional, and scientifically sound approaches to biological resource studies, reporting and compliance.  We strive to raise the standard for biological services for our client sectors, and we combine extensive technical knowledge, field investigations, and objectivity to integrate biological considerations and with land use and management. Our work is widely respected by state and federal regulators as well as industrial, municipal, and private sector clients. MountainWest provides a wide variety of ecological and environmental services tailored to your specific project and sector.

Rare Plants Surveys

Noxious Weed Surveys & Management

Restoration & Revegetation Management & Planning

Wildife Surveys & Studies

Raptor Surveys & Studies

Bird and Bat Conservation Strategies

Threatened, Endangered & Sensitive Species Surveys & Documentation

Section 7 and 10 Consultation with USFWS

USFWS Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance

USFWS Land-Based Wind Energy Guidelines

Habitat Modeling & Mapping

Wetland Delineations & 404 Permitting


In today's business world, GIS has become an integral tool in the decision making process. Because location is an underlying trait to all data, GIS should be a fundamental component of your information systems as well.  GIS services and solutions from MountainWest have been successfully employed in a wide range of applications across numerous industries. From the initial development phase to final implementation, our combined technical skills and professional experience compliment your production workflow by providing efficient data management and analyses processes that translate into credible and reliable results for you.

Data Development, Acquisition & Conversion

Raster & Vector Spatial Analysis

Impacts Analysis

Site Suitability Modeling & Routing Analysis

Habitat Modeling & Mapping

Statistical Modeling & Analysis

Remote Sensing & Image Classification

3D Spatial Analysis

We work with the energy and mining industries, helping them meet the complexity and challenges of resource development on public lands.


We work with the outdoor recreation industry, helping create the experiences that inspire visitors and create the quality of life that residents prize.


We work with land development firms, crafting human environments that preserve the West's beauty and respect the natural environment.


We work with the municipalities and communities of the West, constantly striving to merge an environmental land ethic with robust economic development.


Oil & Gas

Wind & Solar


Transmission & Distribution


Dams & Reservoirs




Mountain Resorts

Trails Planning




Private Ranches

Planned Unit Development


Federal Agencies

State Agencies

County & Local Governments